trust yourself

What trusting yourself may look like:

Writing when you have something to say burning inside…but you don’t know what words will come out when you do.

Getting out of bed without a plan even when the anxiety is laying heavy on your chest.

Making a choice at a new restaurant.

Choosing the clothing and accessories that you like.

Choosing not to hide from life. Turning off the TV and putting down your phone when it’s not intentional entertainment or utility.

Saying no to a job that is not right for you.

Honoring that inner sense you have and stepping back from relationships, opportunities, and things that are not a good fit for you at this time.

Allowing yourself to change your mind based upon new information.

Choosing books to read at the library.

Not blaming yourself when things outside of your control don’t turn out like you thought they would.

Taking a break from social media, books, and/or television and movies when other’s lives become a source of comparison rather than inspiration.


What else you would add to this list? What does trusting you look like?


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