Let The Fog Roll In

Day one of  the idea “blog daily in August using the daily prompts” started out with the prompt toothbrush. I had little time and less inspiration of how that connected to any thoughts in this head of mine…so on to day two I have come. The prompt, foggy, is fitting on so many levels, I barely know where to begin.

Which is pretty much what fog does to you, right? Literal fog makes it difficult to navigate, obscuring your vision and disorienting you from the familiar landmarks and guidelines that help you know where you are. You barely know where to begin. So you go really slow, straining your eyes for the familiar and daring to trust that you are mostly in the right lane as you continue down the highway.

So what about when the fog is figurative, not literal? Like when your vision is obscured regarding a particular relationship or situation, only its not fog hindering you – it’s fear, ignorance, judgement or full-blown denial. Sometimes we live in this valley of fog for so long that we don’t even realize our view is unclear.

Another type of fog I’ve experienced has occurred when I’ve allowed my ideas and beliefs to shift around as I consider new possibilities. This can take place in both big and small ways, from reconsidering my view of a person to reimagining my spiritual framework. Choosing to reconsider can be a significant act of courage. Choosing to allow what you thought you knew to become less certain in light of further information gained- this is brave.  As this process unfolds, the fog rolls in and you begin to strain your eyes for the familiar and dare to trust that you’ll remain mostly in the right lane. In my experience, the fog may stay around for quite a while. So long that I wonder if it was worth it to kick up all this dust. Because life is often easier when things remain where and as they are. Familiar. With reliable landmarks for navigating this crazy life.

But the thing is: I want a life that is bigger and wilder than the landmarks that have grown familiar. I don’t want to always be able to make sense of my experiences, perceptions, and life as a whole. So perhaps the fog is at times a signal that I’m onto something good, or at minimum something beyond my control or current level of understanding. A sign that I’ve dared to ask questions for which I don’t yet have answers. For most of my life I have placed a very high value on knowing what’s going on and being in control. But lately, I’ve come to realize this understanding and control is a) impossible to maintain at all times and b) often at the expense of being fully alive.

So when the fog rolls in, sure- slow down and look for what’s familiar as you navigate down the road. But also be willing to lose sight of what’s familiar. Trust that you’ll stay mostly in the right lane as you wait for the way to clear. Let life surprise you.


Daily Prompt:  Foggy

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