A Friend Within

After years of a life lived by rules and fear, this heart-lead living feels too willy-nilly some days.

What if I get something wrong?

When life is full and my head is buzzing with the noise of it all, it’s tempting to turn the volume up and keep the distracting hum going. Dialing down to a quiet scene, let alone silence, can be quite intimidating.

What if the quiet reveals regret?

What if I was always on my own side? An ally and friend to myself regardless of mistakes or mis-steps.

I’ll face these wrongs and regrets with myself, not against.  That this even needs to be a thought, an intentional choice, is sad indeed. Sadder still is that most of humanity is with me in needing to make this choice.  It comes naturally to few and even they don’t have it easy.

May we who dare chose love and grace toward ourselves.
May we be more curious than afraid of what lies within.


Daily Prompt Willy-nilly

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