A rhyme, a rhythm, a reason, a sense. Life swirls around at a frenetic pace and I search for something to root and ground me.  Something to make sense and bring order. Something to calm and comfort.

Many of us look outside of ourselves for this mooring. Beliefs, gods, people or places that we can tie a rope to in the storms of life.

But I believe that each of us have an inner rhythm and sense that we are able to tune into. And while I believe whole heartedly that the voice of Spirit can speak within, what I’m talking about here is distinct from that. I believe that within me there is wisdom, power, and knowledge. Many call this intuition. Lately I just call it ME. I believe ME is stronger, wiser, and more…good….than I have ever realized. This ME is supported, helped, guided, and taught by Spirit for sure. But ME is good- not fundamentally broken as I once believed.


Yoga, silence, meditation, deep breathing, and reflective writing have helped me to discover and connect with ME. It will take a life time for me to learn how to live more fully from this deeper place of wisdom, authenticity, and love.

Like just now- adding love to the list- that was hard. The need for self-love has been a theme these past few days as I examine the stories I tell about my life and the voices (internal) that I choose to listen to. I have noticed and been curious about the story of productivity, of assigning worth to various activities. The result is that, according to this story, I am often failing. A common scenario is this: I don’t get out of bed on a Saturday to complete tasks meaningful to me and then struggle the rest of the day with guilt. In the past my primary fix for this is to assure myself that I will make “good” use of the hours I had or the extra sleep was good for me or I can always just try again tomorrow or so-and-so slept later and at least I’m not that bad….

I am frankly so tired of the mental gymnastics required just to get to a place where I can feel somewhat okay. What if the story was simply: I am okay.

I am okay,

I am okay.

I am okay.

This is the story I have discovered as I’ve waded into the deep of my inner self. I am okay. I am good. I am powerful. I am wise. I have tons to learn and develop. I’ve got prickly parts and I hurt others on a regular basis with my poor communication, fear, anxiety and selfishness. But just as I am, right now, I am good. I am okay.

You are okay, too.

Daily Prompt: Rhyme

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