Perfect Weighted Anchor

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a whole lot of voices in my head I need to disregard far more often.

I’ve got versions of myself inside that seek to protect but are instead keeping me from a real and authentic life.

I’ve got a lot of rules that I need to break.

Head without heart is too often cold. Fearful. Analyzing to the point of paralysis. Problem finding vs. solution finding. Confusing, not clarifying. On it’s own, my head will spin and spin and spin.

I’d often be better off if I listened to what my head said and then ran in the complete opposite direction.

If head is on it’s own, I need to disobey it far more often.

But heart is the perfect weighted anchor. It brings head into balance in the most beautiful of ways that feels like magic. The rich tension between the two is a fertile space where love, healing, and adventure grow.

This week I’m returning to simple, four minute spaces of meditation. I notice the flurry of mind. I notice the breath filling my chest like a balloon. I remember there is this space beneath head where heart and soul lie and that even this attempt to honor their existence inches me more toward the life that I want.

A life in which heart anchors head.


Daily Prompt Disobey


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