Keep Going

There are some days that you need to do something simply to demonstrate to yourself that you can and will do it. (it is rarely simple)

There are some days that doing the right thing (the thing in line with your values) feels so hard that it’s all that you can do to stay in this spot rather than running in the opposite direction. (this is actually movement toward the right thing, even if it appears to be stillness)

There will come a day that you redefine what you consider the right thing. You’ll surrender to love and the awesome reality that acceptance of your foibles and weaknesses and struggles is not resignation, but in fact respect. (how can you move toward your dreams if all the difficult parts of yourself are constantly judged and found wanting)

Some days are clear and easy. You move through each moment present and alive. ready. accepting. here.

Some days are thick like tar. Each limb struggles to be free. Forward movement a distant dream. Survival the primary goal.

Each day holds power, potential and will leave you wanting.

Swim through this one with brave, steady strokes and then on to the next. Let’s see what it has in store.

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