Be like you

I am here to write some words about whatever the daily prompt is, simply to write some words. The word of the day: famous.

Famous according to Merriam Webster – Famous: a) widely known b) honored for achievement.

I’d bet that some folks that are famous get that way because early on, deep inside, they had the goal of being famous. They hire publicists and seek visible positions and yell from the roof tops “look at me!”

Other folks that are famous get that way because they just keep showing up, day after day, to do the thing that they love. Slowly, over time, folks see them doing the thing that they love and say “Wow, look at them! They just kept showing up and now they are really, really good!” Sure, these folks may also have publicists and sometimes choose to do the things they love in visible positions. But what they are shouting from the room tops is:

“Don’t try to be like me.  Be like YOU, Find that thing in you that that is just begging to be done. Keep showing up, doing that thing. This is my thing and I’m proud to do it really well but don’t try to be like me….be like YOU.”

And that’s a lot for them to be shouting from the rooftops so maybe they will need some hot tea afterwards.


I think I’d like the brave parts of me to become famous.

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