As I wrapped my arms around my love, sweet sensation rolled over my skin. Somewhere along the way, we forgot to love. My limbs sung with joy, reuniting with this long lost pleasure. And I wept.

My feet hit the wooden planks swollen with rain as the sun set over the pond. This beauty- once a regular sight- felt hazily familiar. I sighed with pleasure as I considered the beauty and sound long unobserved. And I wept. 

I’ve moved the brushes, papers and paints from here to there to yon. I am antsy as my mind fills with color and desire – and yet I avoid the desk and chair as if it will set me to flame. Like a phoenix, I could rise.  I fear this wood is too wet, too long unused. I have not yet wept. 

Whatever it is for you that’s been too long untended, unseen, unloved or undone- return. It will burn and ache. You may weep. Let the regret and sadness flow through you to sweet release. Forgive. For you are not especially forgetful or neglectful- just a normal, human measure. 

Return. You are wild with potential. 

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