This one.

A recent journal entry: On the way home today I thought: Let's take myself off the hook. No "catching up" - Just getting back into the present and moving forward. Yes, yoga. But not the yoga that I have missed: the yoga today. Not the journaling that I missed: the journaling today. Not the water … Continue reading This one.

Keep Going

There are some days that you need to do something simply to demonstrate to yourself that you can and will do it. (though it's rarely simple) There are some days that doing the right thing (the thing in line with your values) feels so hard that it's all that you can do to stay in … Continue reading Keep Going


A rhyme, a rhythm, a reason, a sense. Life swirls around at a frenetic pace and I search for something to root and ground me.  Something to make sense and bring order. Something to calm and comfort. Many of us look outside of ourselves for this mooring. Beliefs, gods, people or places that we can … Continue reading Okay